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  • NERVOUS about getting an implant?
  • DON'T want healthy teeth shaved down to install a bridge?
  • WANT to replace your missing teeth as soon as possible?

Then Comfort Socket might be right for you!

  • Safe And Easy
    No Need For Surgery Or Damaging Procedures

    Dental implants and bridges are often used to replace missing teeth. However, implants require surgery, which makes some patients uncomfortable. Dental bridges, on the other hand, must be installed by shaving down the teeth on either side of the bridge. In addition to damaging your healthy teeth, this can even shorten their lifespan.
    Comfort Socket is safe and easy. It does not require surgery and does not damage your surrounding teeth. A Comfort Socket can be made in as little as one week just by having your dentist take a mold of your mouth.

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  • Finished In Just Two Visits
    Light, Discreet, Comfortable

    Unlike dental implants or bridges, Comfort Sockets can be set in just two visits. Comfort Sockets are perfect when you need to replace missing teeth as soon as possible, or as a convenient, temporary option when you are unsure whether or not you want an implant or a bridge.
    Additionally, Comfort Socket's colored base blends in with your gums for a natural look that won't stand out when you open your mouth.
    Comfort Socket's super light, soft, and easy-to-bite base material fits snugly in the mouth and makes chewing easy.

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Process※Estimate for preparation of Comfort Socket only. Other treatments not included.

  • Creation of Dental Impression
  • Creation of Original Denture
  • Comfort Socket Inserted By Dental Practitioner
  • Chew Confidently In Comfort

    While most removable dentures have a hard plastic base, Comfort dentures use a soft silicone cushion. This cushion reduces the pressure on your gums, protecting you from pain when you bite down. Eat what you want in comfort. Chew even hard foods with confidence.

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  • No Surgery Required.
    Custom Made For Your Mouth.

    Unlike implants, there is no need to worry about surgery when using the Comfort series. Comfort dentures are made by taking an impression of your mouth at your dental practitioner's office. This impression is then used to make custom dentures lined with a soft silicone cushion.

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  • Stable And Secure.
    Fits Like A Glove.

    Comfort's special silicone lining is custom-made to fit your mouth. The elasticity of the soft silicone acts like a suction cup, sticking firmly in place and resisting both up-and-down as well as side-to-side chewing motions.
    Comfort fits snugly in the mouth whether talking or eating. With Comfort, you can confidently eat foods that might get stuck under other dentures.

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  • All the products order made by our craftsman.

    For making a Comfort dentures, after a dental impression taken at the clinic, every process is a deliberately order made by a craftsman. Therefore, our products fit with high accuracy in each patient.

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Comfort's Original Silicone Technology Cushions Your Mouth With The Consistency Of Natural Gums

Pain, instability, and difficulty chewing tough or hard foods are just some of the problems faced by users of conventional dentures.
The Comfort series, however, uses an original silicone lining designed to cushion the gums entirely.
Compared to the elasticity of oral tissue (0.66 - 4.36 MPa) Comfort dentures have an elasticity of 0.82 MPa, similar to that of thinner oral tissues.
Comfort's silicone cushion reduces the strain of chewing placed on the gums by typical plastic dentures.