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  • UNHAPPY with your current dentures?
  • STRUGGLING with pain despite repeated adjustments?
  • TIRED of loose dentures?

Then Comfort Complete might be right for you!

  • Stable Retention Using Suction Force

    Comfort Complete dentures are lined with a special silicone cushion that fits snugly around your gums, giving you strong protection against the pain of chewing.
    At the same time, the elasticity of the silicone acts like a suction cup, creating a gentle vacuum that keeps them stable while eating. This not only resolves the common problem of meal time stability, but also makes it difficult for food to slip under your dentures during meals.

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  • Sturdy And Natural-Feeling Construction

    Unlike typical full dentures, Comfort Complete uses a metal plate that locally reduces the thickness of the dentures for a more natural feel. The thin metal plate makes it easier to feel and enjoy the temperature of food. Additionally, the dentures are more resistant to damage from chewing or being dropped.

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  • Dental Practitioner Creates Dentures
  • Dentures Used For Several Days To Create Custom Impression
  • Final Form Created Using Silicone
    (Entire Process Takes 2 - 3 Months)
  • Chew Confidently In Comfort

    While most removable dentures have a hard plastic base, Comfort dentures use a soft silicone cushion. This cushion reduces the pressure on your gums, protecting you from pain when you bite down. Eat what you want in comfort. Chew even hard foods with confidence.

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  • No Surgery Required.
    Custom Made For Your Mouth.

    Unlike implants, there is no need to worry about surgery when using the Comfort series. Comfort dentures are made by taking an impression of your mouth at your dental practitioner's office. This impression is then used to make custom dentures lined with a soft silicone cushion.

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  • Stable And Secure.
    Fits Like A Glove.

    Comfort's special silicone lining is custom-made to fit your mouth. The elasticity of the soft silicone acts like a suction cup, sticking firmly in place and resisting both up-and-down as well as side-to-side chewing motions.
    Comfort fits snugly in the mouth whether talking or eating. With Comfort, you can confidently eat foods that might get stuck under other dentures.

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  • All the products order made by our craftsman.

    For making a Comfort dentures, after a dental impression taken at the clinic, every process is a deliberately order made by a craftsman. Therefore, our products fit with high accuracy in each patient.

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Comfort's Original Silicone Technology Cushions Your Mouth With The Consistency Of Natural Gums

Pain, instability, and difficulty chewing tough or hard foods are just some of the problems faced by users of conventional dentures.
The Comfort series, however, uses an original silicone lining designed to cushion the gums entirely.
Compared to the elasticity of oral tissue (0.66 - 4.36 MPa) Comfort dentures have an elasticity of 0.82 MPa, similar to that of thinner oral tissues.
Comfort's silicone cushion reduces the strain of chewing placed on the gums by typical plastic dentures.