Just like natural teeth, the Comfort series and other dentures experience food and plaque build-up.
Daily care is very important for keeping your dentures clean and comfortable. Below are some tips and steps for taking proper care of your Comfort dentures.

  • Brush With A Denture Brush

    Thoroughly rinse your dentures under running water to wash away any food or debris. Use a soft-bristled denture brush to gently brush the dentures until clean. Brush from the teeth all the way to the edges of the denture.

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  • Soak Overnight In Cleaning Solution

    Dissolve one portion of cleaning solution in 200ml of water. Place your dentures in the solution and leave to soak overnight.
    When choosing a container, make sure it is big enough that your dentures are completely submerged in the solution.

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  • Remove From Solution And Rinse

    After removing your dentures from the cleaning solution, brush them again under running water. Brushing your dentures after soaking them overnight in cleaning solution removes hidden deposits and debris.
    Be sure to rinse thoroughly to prevent oral health problems.

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  • Reinsert Your Clean Dentures

    Once your dentures have been thoroughly cleaned and rinsed, they are safe to put back in your mouth. Daily care will keep your dentures clean and comfortable.

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